Qingdao West Coast New Area
On June 3rd, 2014, Qingdao West Coast New Area was officially approved as the ninth state-level new district by the State Council of China. It is the first state-level new district approved after the issue of "Approval Rules on "Approval Rules on New District Establishment ". "Approval Rules on New District Establishment ". New District". Located on the west coast of Jiaozhou Bay, the New Area (120° E, 36°N) covers the whole administrative region of Huangdao District, with a coastline of 282 kilometers, intertidal zones of 83 square kilometers[more]
Aera Information
Strategic Significance
A new pivot to carry out the strategy of reinvigorating[more]
Basic Principles
High-beginning planning,high-standard construction[more]
Visions & Goals
To build up a Area by beautiful New Area by implementing[more]
The New Area has the unique advantage of carrying out the[more]
Development Ideas
To carry new strategy, foster new industries,build up new district[more]
Functional Zones
●    The Core Zone—the Heart of the New Area
The core zone is in the north to Lingshan Bay Road, east to Lianghe Road, west to Langyatai Road and south to Binhai Road, covering 30 square kilometers.The overall to planning of the core area is “one belt, two rivers, five parks and six centers”. The “one belt” refers to coastal leisure belt. The “two rivers” refers to Feng River and Dalu River. The “five parks” refers to Citizen Park, Coastal Park, Wetland Park, Sports Park and Forest Park. The “six centers ”refers to administratio[more]

●    Qingdao Qianwan

      Free Trade Port Area
In July 2008 the State Council formally approved to establish[more]

●    Qingdao Dongjiakou

      Circular Economic Zone
According to the long-term plan, Qingdao Dongjiakou[more]

●    Qingdao International

      Economic Cooperation Zone
The planning area of Qingdao International Economic[more]

●    Qingdao Lingshan Bay

      Film-Television Culture Zone
The Qingdao Lingshan Bay Film-Television Culture[more]

●    Qingdao Economic

      & Technological Development Zone
Qingdao Economic & Technological Development Zone[more]

●    Qingdao West Coast

      International Tourism Resort
According to the plan, Qingdao West Coast International[more]

●    Qingdao (Jiaonan) National High

      -tech Industrial Development Zone
The planning area of Qingdao (Jiaonan) National[more]

●    Modem Agriculture

      Demonstration Zone
The planning area of the Modem Agriculture[more]
●    Qingdao Guzhenkou Demonstration Zone of Integration and Innovations of Dual-use Technologies
The planning area of Qingdao Guzhenkou Demonstration Zone of Integration and Innovations of Dual-use initiative area Technologies is 221 square kilometers with 20 square kilometers as the initiative area.The demonstration zone will develop the integration of military and civilian, the innovation of marine technology[more]

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